Le Bilboquet specializes in craft beers, particularly beers that are unfiltered and refermented, both in the cask and in the bottle, which we allow to slowly age in our cellar before we have the pleasure of offering them to the general public.

Made from malted barley, wheat, and hops of the highest quality along with select yeasts, our beers contain no sulfites or chemical additives.

Colonel Cornwallis

Colonel Cornwallis


Malted barley and two kinds of hops: Northern (bitter) and Columbus-Chinook.


India Pale Ale


Top fermented, unfiltered


5.5 % alc./vol


500 ml

This intense and slightly fruity beer, worthy of a conqueror, pays homage to the Colonel – imposing, righteous and faithfully serving the nobility. Feared by some and admired by others, this India Pale Ale soothes a path to victory.